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The Georgian Cabin Sauna, part of the Canadian Timber Collection, is handcrafted by Leisurecraft from Eastern White Cedar that is lighter in colour and has tight knots in the wood. The cabin shape fits in well with all cottages and homes and comes in kit form. The metal shingle roof ensures that your sauna is dry and ready to enjoy.


Once You Order

1. Dundalk Leisurecraft begins the process by carefully selecting and preparing the finest White Cedar wood, ensuring its quality and durability. 

2. Sit back and relax as your order arrives at your delivery location, carefully packaged in convenient-to-handle crates.

3. Two individuals can easily assemble your new sauna within 5-8 hours.

4. Finally, you can enjoy your first sauna session in your new CT Georgian!

NOTE:  All Dundalk Products are Made to Order. Current shipping lead time varies from model to model. Please send us a chat if you're interested in a specific models lead time.



✓  5 Year Warranty

✓  Handcrafted Sauna From Canadian Eastern White Hemlock That Is Lighter In Color With Tight Knots

✓  Two Large Front Windows With 5mm Bronze Tempered Glass In Front Wall

  Two Tier Benches In Back Wall And Single Tier L Bench IN Either Side 

✓  28 Gauge Steel Roof Panels In A Black Matte Textured Color

✓  Solid Wood Wide Benches For Sitting Or Laying 

8kw Electric Heater Or Wood Burning Heater Recommended (Sold Separately)

Weight & Dimensions

Gross Weight: 1776 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions: 96" x 45" x 44"

Exterior Dimensions: 98" x 86" x 86" 

Interior Dimensions: 86" x 84" x "  84

Wall Thickness (in): 1.5"

Capacity: 2-6 People

Includes Free Curbside Delivery: Yes

Georgian Cabin Sauna Product Drawing


Overall Shape: Cabin

Finish: Natural Wood 

Wood Type: White Cedar

Primary Material: Solid Wood 

Heat Source: Electric / Wood Burning Heater

Number Of Heat Sources: 1

Adjustable Temperature: Yes

Maximum Temperature: 200 °F +

Vent Included: Yes

Seating Benches Included: Yes

Number Of Benches: 3

Door Included: Yes

Number Of Doors: 1

Warp/Rot Resistant: Yes

Antimicrobial: Yes

Portable: No

Location: Outside

Floor Included: Yes

Supplier Intended and Approved Use: Residential

Door Material: Tempered Glass

Control Location: Interior


Assembly Required: Yes

Suggested Number of People: 2

Tools Required (Not Included): Rubber Mallet, Level, Tape Measure, Power Drill, Phillips & Robertsons Drill Bit, 1/4" Nut Driver But, 2" Hole Saw, Step Ladder, Jigsaw, Adjustable Wrench, Hammer


Product Warranty: Yes

Warranty Length: 5 Years 

Full Or Limited Warranty: Limited

Warranty Details: This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna, (eg. Tightening bands on the barrels, cleaning or staining the sauna) refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines.

Warranty Details 2: Parts Only; No Labor Or Service 

Freight Terms & Policy

Dundalk Shipping Terms and Policy

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read our Delivery, Unloading and Change of Address Policy and Shipping Terms. Any charges that may incur will be billed to customers. Third Party fees will  be shouldered by the purchaser if the Policies are not followed.

Shipping Terms

Dundalk LeisureCraft Responsibilities

  • Building and packing your sauna in a crate
  • Arranging for shipping to your home

Trucking Company Responsibilities

  • Making an appointment to deliver your sauna
  • Delivering your sauna to the end of your driveway or curbside
    1. The trucking company is NOT responsible for unloading the sauna
    2. The trucking company is NOT going to back their truck into your driveway
    3. Most times the trucking company will deliver with an 18 wheel truck
      1. Will this size truck fit on your road or neighborhood?
  • If the sauna crate is less than 92” (7 feet), the trucking company may have a lift gate on the back of the truck which can be used to assist getting the sauna off the truck.
  • If the sauna crate is more than 92”, there will not be a lift gate to unload the sauna crate and the customer needs to decide how they are going to get the crate off the truck.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Returning phone calls to the trucking company in a timely manner, to arrange delivery
  • Determining how the sauna is going to be unloaded from the truck
    1. Crates will vary from 6 feet long to 14 feet long
    2. The crate’s weight will vary from 800 pounds to 1600 pounds, depending on the size of the sauna
  • Customer is responsible for unloading the sauna crate from the truck
    1. Suggested methods for unloading the truck
      1. Use a forklift or other mechanical piece of equipment
        1. When using a fork lift to pick up the crates, they must be picked up from the end of the crate and fork lift extensions are
      2. Renting a tilt tow truck to pick up the sauna from the local terminal and have it delivered to your home
      3. Have a crew of helpers able to either take the sauna off the truck or unload the crate while on the truck until the crate can be lifted off the truck
  • If the crate arrives damaged, you can accept the shipment, however, please take pictures of the damage, and note the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL). Immediately, contact us, so we can contact the shipper and the manufacturer.
  • Mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) with “(Crate arrived open/damaged- Possible Hidden Damage.”

Delivery, Unloading and Change of Address Policy

Unloading Crates

Per Dundalk’s shipping terms, the customer is responsible for getting the crate off the delivery truck.

If the crate is 92” or shorter, it will fit on a liftgate, and the customer and the truck driver can lower the crate to the ground.

If the crate is longer than 92” a liftgate will not be available to assist in lowering the crate to the ground.

Therefore, the customer will need to do one of the following options:

  • Arrange for a crew of people to help unload the crate by hand
  • Arrange for a piece of equipment to be available to unload the crate
  • Use a trailer and pick up the crate at the delivery terminal
  • Rent a tilt tow truck and pick up the crate at the delivery terminal

If the customer cannot do any of the above and they want Dundalk to arrange for a tilt tow truck, we will provide this service for a cost. The cost will be $500 and we will bill you for the charge.

Change of Ship to Address

If the customer changes the ship to address prior to their order leaving the factory, we will change the address free of charge. However, if the customer changes the ship to address after their order leaves the factory there will be a $250 charge for this service and we will bill you for the amount. 

Storage Charges

After a sauna has shipped and arrived at the local delivery terminal, if the customer does not respond quickly to calls to arrange a delivery appointment, needs to determine how to unload the crate, needs to provide an alternate phone number or any other reason which creates a delay to the delivery of the sauna and the trucking company starts to charge storage fees, these storage fees will be billed to you as well.

Questions? Please send us a message in our LiveChat, Email or Call us!


Georgian Cabin Sauna Assembly Manual 

Georgian Cabin Sauna Diagram

Installation Video


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The Dundalk Leisurecraft Georgian Cabin Sauna

Medical Benefits of Traditional Sauna


Saunas provide a calm and tranquil setting that promotes relaxation by allowing you to escape from daily stressors. The warmth and quiet atmosphere can help calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

Improved Circulation

Sauna heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which enhances blood flow throughout the body. This increased circulation can aid in delivering oxygen and nutrients to various tissues and organs.

Muscle Relaxation

The heat in a sauna helps to relax muscles by reducing muscle tension. This can be especially beneficial after intense physical activity or as a way to unwind and alleviate general muscle discomfort.


Sweating in a sauna allows the body to expel toxins through the skin. This process helps remove impurities and waste products, which can contribute to an overall feeling of well-being.

Stress Relief

Sauna sessions encourage the release of endorphins, often referred to as "feel-good" hormones. These endorphins promote a positive mood, alleviate stress, and contribute to an improved sense of mental well-being.

Skin Health

Sweating opens up pores and helps cleanse the skin by removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. This cleansing action can promote healthier-looking skin and potentially reduce the occurrence of acne.

Social Interaction

Saunas can provide a social environment when enjoyed with friends or family. Sharing the sauna experience can lead to conversations and connections, enhancing your overall well-being.

Respiratory Benefits

Dry sauna air can potentially help alleviate congestion and improve breathing, providing temporary relief for individuals with mild respiratory discomfort.

Improved Sleep

The relaxation induced by saunas, along with the potential balancing of stress hormones, can contribute to better sleep quality and the ability to fall asleep more easily.

Pain Relief

The heat from a sauna can temporarily alleviate pain associated with conditions like arthritis, sore muscles, and minor injuries by promoting muscle relaxation and increasing blood flow to affected areas.

Calorie Burn

While saunas are not a substitute for exercise, the increased heart rate caused by heat exposure might lead to a minor increase in calorie expenditure. However, this effect is not substantial compared to actual physical activity.

Boosted Immune System

Sauna sessions can induce a brief increase in body temperature, which may stimulate the immune system. Regular sauna use could potentially enhance the body's defense mechanisms.

28 Gauge Steel Roof

A 28 gauge steel roof offers excellent durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions and ensuring the sauna's longevity.

The steel roof provides effective protection against water, snow, and debris, keeping the sauna interior safe and dry.

It requires minimal maintenance, resists mold and rot, and reflects solar radiation for energy efficiency.

Overall, a 28 gauge steel roof combines durability, protection, low maintenance, and energy efficiency, for an outdoor sauna.

Eastern White Cedar

White Cedar is an exceptional wood for saunas due to its durability, insulation capabilities, pleasant aroma, low maintenance needs, and sustainable sourcing.

Its resistance to decay and insects ensures long-lasting sauna structures, while its thermal insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

Overall, White Cedar's combination of qualities makes it an ideal wood for saunas.

5mm Tempered Glass

A 5mm tempered glass door and windows for a sauna offers several advantages. It provides enhanced safety by being highly resistant to breaking and shattering.

Tempered glass is also designed to withstand high temperatures without warping or cracking, ensuring long-lasting durability in the sauna environment.

The sleek and modern look of a tempered glass door adds aesthetic appeal to the sauna, while its easy maintenance makes it a practical choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping? 

We provide FREE SHIPPING on all of our product orders throughout the Continental United States. 

Where do your saunas ship from? 

Our suppliers are based in different places through the United States and Canada and your sauna will ship from our suppliers at those locations. 

When will my sauna get here? 

Due to the jump in popularity of at home saunas over the last year shipping times are generally longer now than they usually would be.  Please give us a call or chat with us for the latest build/lead times.  

Does my sauna come assembled? If not, can you assemble it? 

The saunas we carry are pre-fabricated and come disassembled on pallets.  They each come with instruction manuals for assembly and most of them only require a philips head screwdriver to assemble.  On average it takes two people about 2-3 hours to fully assemble a sauna, although that time can vary based on the size of the sauna and your level of comfort in assembling it.  

 At this moment we don't provide assembly services but assembly is very straight forward.  We may be able to connect you with someone locally who can assemble the sauna for you. The cost of assembly is normally $300 to $400. 

Do you provide financing? 

We do! We have partnered with Klarna to offer financing options at checkout. Just click on the Shop Pay link under the sale price of the product you want to buy and Pay Shop will pre-approve you in a few steps.  

Can I just plug my sauna in to a standard outlet? 

It depends on the sauna. The 120V, 15 Amp sauna can be plugged into a standard U.S. outlet. The 120V, 20 Amp saunas usually need a special 20 AMP outlet and breaker. Please consult an electricianif you are unsure.

What are the monthly electricity costs associated with running a sauna? 

This depends on how much you use your sauna, but because sauna sessions typically only last for a maximum of 30-40 minutes, the cost to operate a sauna is similar to that of a washer/dryer on a monthly basis. 

How hot do your saunas get? 

Infrared saunas get up to 140° F and traditional  saunas typically get up to 190° F