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The firebox extension on the HUUM HIVE Heat 12 LS allows loading from another rooms so you don't need to store wood in your sauna.

HIVE Heat 12 LS is a highly efficient wood-fired sauna heater for smaller saunas. It has a unique structure where fresh air is conducted into the burning process from above to create a strong flame. This allows the burning to be very clean and makes sure that all the wood gets burned and no wood gas escapes the chimney and goes to waste like it often does with less efficient stoves.

The furnace door is made of cast iron which is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. The cast iron is treated only with natural oils without the use of chemicals.

HIVE Heat complies with strict BimSchV II, the German standard for wood-burning stoves.

Sauna stones sold separately.


✓  Unique Structure for Efficient Burning

✓  Clean Burning 

✓  For Saunas From 212 - 459 cu. ft.

✓  Large 199-Pound Stone Capacity (requires 6 boxes of sauna stone [Stones 24] sold separately)

✓  Treated with Only Natural Oils 

✓  Stainless Steel Frame with Cast-Iron Furnace Door 

✓  Designed, Engineered, and Made in Estonia 

✓  Limited 5-Year Warranty (Excluding Elements)

HIVE Heat 12 LS Specs

Dimensions: 17.8"W(450mm) x 25.2"D (640mm) x 29.6"H (975mm)

Kilowatt Rating: 12 kW

Minimum Sauna Cubic Feet: 212 CF

Maximum Sauna Cubic Feet: 459 CF

Holding Capacity Of Sauna Rocks: 198 lbs

Heater Weight: 123.5 lbs

Fire Wood Length: 11.81 in

Diameter Of The Flue: 4.52 in

Safety Distances

HIVE Heat 12 LS

A - 170mm - 6.7 in

B - 500mm - 19.7 in

C - 240mm - 9.5 in

D - 425mm - 16.8 in

E - 155mm - 16.1 in

F - 640mm - 25.2 in

Ø - 450mm - 17.8 in

Whats Included

✓   Huum HIVE Heat 12 LS Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

✓   Installation and Operation Manual

✓   5-Year Limited Warranty (excluding elements)


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HIVE Heat Wood-Burning Stove

HIVE Heat wood-burning stove is not only powerful but also environmentally sustainable. Its unique construction supplements the burning process with fresh air from above, providing a powerful flame that ensures all the wood gets burned in the furnace of the sauna stove. This allows the stove to utilize wood gases that commonly escape through the chimney, making it an efficient and eco-friendly choice.

The durable furnace door is made of cast iron, and the sauna stove is treated with natural oils. The HIVE Heat wood-burning stove meets the strictest German environmental standard BimSchV II, so you can trust that it’s a high-quality and sustainable choice for your sauna.

The warmth and flickering of flames in the fireplace provide a comforting ambiance, allowing you to relax and escape the chaos of your daily routine. Opt for the HIVE Wood sauna to immerse yourself in a truly genuine and traditional sauna experience.

HIVE Heat 12 LS allows heating of the sauna from an adjacent room.

  • Easy to use

  • Soft Steam

  • Long-lasting relaxation

  • Safety and control

  • C E certficate

  • Stainless Steel

  • Made in Estonia

Sauna heaters that provide mild steam

The amount of metal used in HUUM sauna heaters is very small – this ensures that majority of the heat derives from the stones, and not from the metal. This maximizes the proportion of beneficial negative ions in the air. Negative ions are also called “vitamins of the air”. The amount of negative ions is high, for example, in traditional wood-fired saunas and natural water bodies.

Negative ions and the exceptionally large quantity of sauna rocks are the secret ingredients of the curative, gentle and long-lasting steam of our sauna heaters.

Made with care in Estonia

HUUM sauna heatersare made from stainless steel, and they go through a lengthy and carefully monitored manufacturing process that assures the highest quality of each product.

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