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Traditional 6 Medical Sauna (2 Person)


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✓  Designed for 2 people - 60" wide internal bench, it provides a spacious and        comfortable experience for two people

✓  Natural Canadian Hemlock Wood- resistant to heat & humidity, doesn't warp easily and emits a pleasant aroma

✓  Entertainment- Speaker system with Bluetooth/AUX Connection for your music, audio books & podcasts or the new Radio/CD Player functionality as well

✓  American Made- Designed, developed, and hand assembled in the USA by Real Doctors 


Introducing the Traditional 6 Medical Sauna – finely crafted with Canadian Hemlock wood known for its durability and medicinal properties.

The Rapid Internal Heating System™ ensures consistent warmth, while the Insulated Airflow System™ maintains temperature stability and conserves energy.

Enjoy the built-in AUX/MP3 player, radio/CD functionality, and Interior Reading Light System™ – all managed from the interior LED control panel. Perfect for sharing relaxation with a partner.

Traditional saunas offer several benefits, including relaxation, improved circulation, muscle relief, detoxification through sweating, and stress reduction. They can also provide a social and calming environment for individuals seeking mental and physical rejuvenation.


✓  100% Natural Canadian Hemlock Construction

✓  Hot/Cold Cleansing System™

✓  Detox Routine™

✓   Insulated Airflow System™

✓   Safe Cool Down System™

✓   3D Heat Therapy™

✓   Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™

✓   Tempered Glass Door

✓   Simple Touch LED Control Panel™

✓   Interior Reading Light System™

✓   Speaker System with Bluetooth/AUX/USB Connection

✓   Ultra-High Heat Tolerance Door Seals, Speakers, Control Panel, Electronics. At those temperatures, everything in the sauna has to be high heat military grade.

✓   Interior Backrest Included

✓   Radio Functionality

✓   Rapid Internal Heating System™ 

✓   Energy Efficient Heating System™ 


Voltage: 220-250 V

Amperage: 30 Amp 

Wattage Stove: 4500 W

Plug Type: NEMA L6-30 

Dimensions: (WDH): 75″ x 69″ x 78″

Weight: 405 lbs  


The Nature series of saunas are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under typical/residential use for a period of three (3) years, from the date of receipt of product by the original end-user consumer, as applicable. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions. Any damage caused by misuse or negligence shall not be covered by the warranty, and neither Sauna Wellness Shop nor the manufacturer are liable for any injury or damage incurred. This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 3-year warranty.


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Although there are many saunas out there, most are made by people who never went to medical school. After putting many of these saunas to the test, we realized that most saunas on the market did very little to help your health. Because saunas can have powerful medical benefits, we decided to become the very first company to work with doctors to truly unleash their full medical potential.

To create the ultimate medical sauna with a traditional appeal, we worked with many medical doctors, pain specialists, and cardiologists. We spent years researching the health benefits of saunas, and added as many medical components as we could find. After 10 years of research and development, we were able to create a sauna with enough medical components that can help you relieve pain, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your immune system, and detox your body. Because we focused on helping your body heal, and opted for a traditional steam sauna we decided to call the finished line the Traditional Sauna Series™.


When the full potential of a sauna is reached, saunas can provide a lot of medical benefits from pain relief to body detoxification and improved cardiovascular health to reduced stress. That's why we spent so much time working with doctors, pain specialists, and cardiologists to creat the ultimate line of saunas. We developed our award-winning combination of therapies with each feature specifically chosen for the medical benefit it can give you.




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Unlike other saunas that lose heat and durability, our solution lasts well over 10 years of continuous use. We use natural hemlock for its medicinal and structural qualities, which become stronger with age.

Hemlock's astringent properties cleanse your skin, enhancing detoxification benefits. Stepping into our hemlock saunas offers invigorating wood aromas, leaving your skin refreshed.


Medical Saunas™ is rooted in documented studies, unlike competitors' unsubstantiated claims. We prioritize accurate information for your health decisions. Our saunas are backed by research, demonstrating the substantial positive impact of consistent heat therapy on well-being. Your betterment is our focus, endorsed only by thorough research and care for your health.


Medical Saunas™ are designed, developed, and hand assembled in the USA, and we ship them directly from our Los Angeles factory. We work with medical doctors, cardiologists, and pain specialists who have the same desire we do—to deliver great health to all of our customers.

We accept nothing less than perfection so we are in control of the product from start to finish; we don't allow any middlemen to compromise our vision. You can purchase our saunas directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.

Safe Cool Down System™

Medical Sauna™ introduces an unmatched airflow system for a safer and efficient cool down post-sauna. Our innovative design allows hot air to escape gradually, promoting a recommended gradual cooldown. This approach safeguards against potential health issues arising from rapid temperature changes. With your well-being in mind, our saunas prioritize your safety during the vital cool down phase.


Because sauna sessions sometimes include prolonged sitting, a backrest for your sauna is a must-have. Most companies that sell saunas don't sell backrests, and the companies that do, don't include them with your sauna. We don't believe in charging an extra fee for comfort.

Our ergonomic backrest design suits anybody who is looking for back support and comfort while using a Medical Sauna, all at no extra cost to the customer. Each and every Ultra Full Spectrum Medical Sauna includes multiple backrests to accommodate any seat and user in the sauna.

Hot/Cold Cleansing System™

Traditional sauna heating systems often hinder the benefits of hot/cold therapy due to slow warming. Unlike them, the powerful Rapid Internal Heating System™ in Medical Saunas™ enables swift temperature changes, optimizing the advantages of hot/cold therapy. This design promotes muscle relaxation, flexibility, and overall health improvement. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our heating technology, specially crafted for your well-being.

Rapid Internal Heating System™

Heating capability is crucial in a sauna. Unlike others that take too long to heat up, our Traditional Saunas™ with the Rapid Internal Heating System™ offer unmatched performance. You'll experience faster heat-up times, more time inside the sauna, and immediate relaxation when you need it.

Benefits of the Rapid Internal Heating System™

"Our Rapid Internal Heating System™ offers a dual advantage. Unlike other saunas that take time to induce sweat, ours triggers sweating almost instantly, simulating the effects of exercise by raising your body temperature quickly. This not only improves heat tolerance and athletic performance, but also boosts your immune system, aiding in infection and disease defense.

Regular use of our sauna enhances your heat endurance, leading to better performance in various activities. Whether you're a casual sauna user or an athlete, the Rapid Internal Heating System™ accelerates recovery by swiftly increasing blood flow to tired muscles. With our meticulously designed heating system, your body will experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation."

The Detox Routine™

While other saunas may miss some harmful toxins, our Medical Saunas™ excel at removing bad toxins and impurities from your body. Regular use, combined with The Detox Routine™, enlarges pores and effectively flushes out substances like BPA, toxic heavy metals, phthalates, and nicotine. Experience an energized and purified feeling as our industry-leading saunas take detoxification to a whole new level.

Insulated Airflow System™

For too long, sauna users have experienced unwanted temperature fluctuations in poorly designed saunas, resulting in less healing and higher energy bills. The insulation of a sauna is just as important as the heating system because it allows the temperature inside to remain constant. We have developed a design that works with our heating system, and uses the temperature inside the sauna to keep your sauna at a constant temperature. This means you can keep your sauna at the right temperature with less effort, and receive the maximum health benefits from our Medical Sauna™.

3D Heat Therapy™

Medical Sauna™ is the first and only sauna on the market to offer 3D Heat Therapy™. Heat therapy has many benefits for your body including improving sore muscles, increasing range of motion, decreasing muscle spasms, and reducing pain. The 3D Heat Therapy™ works by penetrating deep into the body's tissue and cells as temperature rises, which leads to therapeutic benefits all over your body. This improved version of heat therapy, found only in a Medical Sauna™, will rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™

Only Medical Sauna’s™ heating technology can cover every square inch of your body and leave your skin feeling soft, fresh, and new. This is because of the Natural Red Ceder wood used in the Medical Sauna Series™ and our powerful heating system. These two features remove dead skin cells from your body, allowing your pores to open wider, which results in increased blood circulation near the surface of your body, healing your skin. After just one session in a Medical Saunas™ your skin will feel younger and refreshed.

Medical Saunas™ are more than just relaxation tools because they were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help design and engineer the Medical Sauna™ and their 100+ years of combined experience, there are lots of medical benefits you can receive by using it daily.

  • Detoxification

    Traditional Sauna is the leader in removing toxins out of your body through sweat. As opposed to other sweating, the sweating in a Traditional Sauna also allows your blood to flow to the important organs in your body, while sweating out the impurities.

  • Pain Relief

    When this heat therapy is incorporated as part of hot/cold therapy people who suffer from painful ailments will achieve significant relief.

  • Enhanced Immune System

    As your core temperature increases, your body produces white blood cells. With regular use, your white blood cell count increases and assists your body in fighting illnesses faster.

  • Stress Relief

    When experiencing the hot temperatures of a sauna, the warmth is known to be key in relaxation and relieving stress. Regular users of Traditional Saunas have claimed to have overcome the effects of insomnia and sleep better at night.

  • Respiratory Relief

    For those suffering with chest congestion, bronchitis, or plugged sinuses, the steam generated in a Traditional Sauna gives you relief from your illness.

  • Healthy Skin & Hair

    Spending time in a Traditional Sauna helps remove dead skin cells, relaxes facial tension, improves skin elasticity, and rinses away bacteria. This also opens up the glands on your scalp which moisturizes your hair.

  • Improved Blood Circulation

    The heat being absorbed in your body increases your blood flow and expands the blood vessels. This lowers your blood pressure as the blood to your heart can circulate more effectively.

  • Faster Recovery

    Using a Traditional Sauna is a quick and highly effective way to increase blood flow to tired and strained muscles, which help them, relax and recover quickly after intense workouts.

  • Weight Loss

    When your heart rate rises, your metabolism increases. This prompts your body to burn more calories and in turn, lose the extra pounds and belly fat.

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