HUUM UKU Glass Sauna Heater Control with WiFi, Digital On/Off, Time, Temperature


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UKU Extension Box (Required For Huum Heaters Over 11 kW)
Mounting Frame for Sauna Control Panel
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The uniqueness of UKU Glass sauna controller lies in its elegant appearance and functionality. It is made of genuine glass and is completely dark black in color. UKU Glass sauna controller forms part of the sauna, as it can be integrated into the environment and it can be installed both recessed and surface-mounted.

UKU Glass sauna controller makes sauna heating easy and comfortable. With UKU you can heat your sauna on the spot or do it from your phone through HUUM mobile app. UKU comes with several safety and extra features for a pleasant sauna experience.           


✓  Elegant Black Glass Control Display Panel

✓  Display Panel Can Be Recessed or Surface-Mounted

✓  For Heaters Up To 11kW (over 11kW up to 18kW requires an UKU Extension Box)

✓  Settable On/Off, Time, Temperature, and Delay

✓  Settable Temperature Range of 122-233F

✓  Delayed Start Up To 48 Hours in Advance

✓  Bult-In Wi-Fi INterface for HUUM Mobile App

✓  8 Language Options: English, German, Russian, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Estonian and French

✓  Unlimited Number of Users 

✓  Notifications When Set Temperature Is Reached

✓  Inside/Outside Sauna Room Installation

✓  Optional Smart Heating Option  

✓  Displays Set Temperature and Room Temperature

✓  Temperature Sensor

✓  Door Sensor to Keep Heat Inside the Room

✓  Remotely Located InsideMain Control Module

✓  Connects to Light and Ventilation or Steamer (not included)

✓  Overheat Protection

✓  Child Safety Lock

UKU Glass Specs

Glass Control Display Panel Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.11" x 0.72" (0.54" can be recessed into the wall)

Main Control Module: 5.59" x 3.54" x 2.28"

Minimum Temperature: 104 F

Maximum Temperature: 230 F

Supply Voltage: 240V

Heating Period: 3h; 8h; 12h

Whats Included

✓  Black Control Display Panel

✓  Main Control Module

✓  Temperature Sensor 

✓  Door Sensor

✓  Control Display Panel Cable, 9.84' - 12 AWG

✓  Temperature Sensor Cable,16.4' 14 AWG

✓  Door Sensor Cable, 16.4' - 14 AWG

✓  Installation and Operation Manual

✓  5-Year Limited warranty


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UKU sauna control panel GLASS

UKU sauna control panel GLASS has a stylish glass casing for adding elegance to the sauna room. It is easy to install a control panel on the wall of the sauna and use it to control the sauna functions. Intuitive GLASS sauna control panel has a minimalist design and is available in three classy tones ranging from classic black to luxurious gold. The panel is equipped with a child lock for added safety.

  • Easy to use

  • Reddot 2021 Winner

  • C E certficate

  • Safety and control

  • Made in Estonia

Wide range of HUUM sauna control panels

HUUM sauna control panels are available with three distinct designs: CLASSIC, GLASS and WOOD. They all have the same basic functions. The difference lies only in the material and appearance of the control panel. However, the sauna control panel alone is not sufficient for heating the sauna – you’ll also need a smart UKU control system.

When choosing the suitable UKU control system version, take your sauna habits into consideration. UKU Local is a good choice if you prefer to heat the sauna on site. If you also wish to use the remote control option, HUUM app enables you to heat the sauna from your phone, for example, when you finish your training or start driving to the country home. Choose UKU WiFi to use the mobile app.

UKU sauna control system has altered the sauna experience

Already in 2014 when the company placed on the market the first sauna control systems and sauna controllers that are compatible with the smartphone app. UKU sauna control system is available in three versions to cover different needs that depend on particular locations and individual preferences. UKU Local is used via the sauna control panel; UKU WiFi is also operable through Wi-Fi, and enable to heat the sauna with HUUM mobile app even from the other side of the globe.

UKU sauna control system has won the most prestigious Red Dot product design award for its functionality and design.

Mounting Frame for GLASS Sauna Control Panel

Mounting frame enables to attach a GLASS sauna control panel conveniently to the wall without prior deepening of the wall. The frame is used for mounting the control panel to the wall surface. It’s a convenient solution for sauna rooms where deepening of the wall is not possible because of the construction or the surface treatment. It is easy to install the frame, and the result is beautiful and sturdy. The mounting frame is made of metal and coated with black paint.

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