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This full-sized model comes fully equipped with all the features needed to maintain proper wellness levels. The TAJ-6024-PP utilizes all 5 natural therapies that we offer and 3 different kinds of gemstones to promote a wellness-defining experience that helps temporarily alleviate pain, stiffness, fatigue, swelling, and much more. At 5 feet long, this mat is the ideal size for providing full body therapy sessions to anyone below the height of 5’5”. It is made of a durable long lasting material that will allow you to use it as often as you want on the floor or even in your bed. Due to its added PEMF layers, you can only bend this mat in its predetermined positions. Not to worry though, it comes with a carry case so that it is easy to store and transport. Taking care of your wellness is essential, that’s why you should get the TAJ-6024-PP. You deserve the best of the best.

Features & Specifications


28 Full Sized Jade Gemstones

42 Tourmaline Gemstones

 10 lbs of crushed Amethyst

 Calming Negative Ion Therapy, a range up to 1500/cc

    Professional grade PEMF, intensity 2000 milligauss

    ✓ Photon Lights: 56 LEDs (660nm intensity)

    Tensions and Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy 

    Gemstone heat up to 160°F (70°C)

    Deep Penetrating FAR Infrared Rays Therapy, a range of at least 5-14 um

    Wellness Enhancing PEMF Therapy, 1-30 Hz frequency (same as the earth)



    ∙ Approx. Size: 60″ x 24″ x 1.2″ (150 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)

    ∙ Approx. Weight: 21.7 lbs (9.9 kg); comes with a carrying case

    ∙ LED display controller: Time and Temperature Settings

    ∙ EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra  EMF-blocking layers

    ∙ Number Of Layers: Up to 21 functional layers

    ∙ MaterialsHigh-quality, nontoxic

    Voltage: USA Power 110-120V, 90W

    ∙ Trial Period: 90-day trial for free returns (shipping cost not included)

    ∙ Warranty: 5-year Extended warranty


    Recommended Uses

    Maintaining proper levels of wellness

    Use it in bed, on the floor, or on a table

    Sleep on it overnight on a low temperature

    Ideal for people under 5'5"


    The Guarantee

     Used by: Doctors, chiropractors, other healthcare professionals and home use 

     Satisfied Customers: Over 500,000 satisfied customers to date

     90-day free trial: if aren’t satisfied, get the full price of the product back

     Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty

     Trade-in/Upgrade Policy: Lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy



     Provides the best full body therapy available

    ∙ Top of the line luxury model that includes all features

    ∙ #1 Bestselling series

    ∙ Comes with PEMF therapy capabilities

     Comes with photon light capabilities

    ∙ Lined edge to edge with tourmaline, amethyst, and jade

    ∙ Good size for people under the height of 5′ 5″

    ∙ Sleep on it overnight

    Things to consider 

    Not flexible 

    Firm surface due to PEMF layer

    ∙ Can only be used on flat surfaces

    Not made for tall people 

    Heavy and hard to move around 

    Natural Therapies

    Relax Your Mind And Body With Hot Stone Therapy

     Provides a spa experience in the comfort of your own home  

     Feel hot stones against your skin as they relax your muscles

     Scientifically linked to lower levels of stress and anxiety

     Makes the body more receptive to massage therapy and chiropractic work

     Heated gemstones release FAR infrared rays and negative ions

     Improves the effectiveness of other natural therapies in your mat

     Stone surface impacts pressure points on your body to relieve tension


    Manage Pain With FAR Infrared Therapy

     The invisible form of light commonly received from sunlight

     Far infrared rays are vital to human life

     Rays penetrate 4-6 inches into the body’s tissues

     Can temporarily decrease pain, inflammation, and stiffness

     Temporarily increase localized blood circulation where applied


    Light Up Your Life with Photon Light Therapy

    • Uses visible red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometers

    • Penetrates just below the surface of your skin

    • Benefits are obtained when photon lights are applied through thin clothes or cover. For maximum effectiveness lights should contact directly with skin

    • Beneficial for managing energy levels

    • Assists directly with the mitochondria, the part of the body that makes proteins and collagen

    • New cells destroy old cells, helping with detoxification and wellness


    Achieve Well-Being with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

    • Applies electromagnetic fields to the body to stimulate well-being

    • Counteracts harmful exposure to electromagnetic smog

    • Featured on Dr. Oz as a breakthrough in medical technology

    • HealthyLine’s PEMF is based on the Earth’s natural 7.83 Hz frequency

    • This frequency is the most compatible with your body’s natural biorhythms


    Negative Ion Therapy Has Positive Effects On Your Wellness

    • Nature’s purifiers—clearing your surroundings of harmful agents

    • Counteracts positive ion disturbances

    • Attracts harmful airborne particles and pulls them to the ground

    • Tourmaline releases the largest quantity negative ions

    • Guide the body along a path of detoxification of excess waste

    • Cleanse your mind; improve the quality of your wellness

    Functionality & How It's Made

    The Functionality Of Your Mat

    Each HealthyLine mat contains up to 21 layers that regulate the complex wellness-enhancing experience. These layers do things such as generate penetrating heat, regulate temperatures, provide PEMF, and make your mat more durable. The next step in the process is embedding the mats with pounds of pure natural gemstones. When heated, these gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deep into your body’s core. These processes assist in normalizing your body’s functionality. This also guides your body into a state that is more receptive to other forms of therapy. This is where the inclusion of PEMF and photon lights becomes beneficial. When all these therapies work together, they continuously help maintain improved levels of wellness. You are an investment that requires nothing short of the best, and that is what you get with the TAJ-PP Inframat Pro: the most benefits and the best value.

    How It's Made

    Your mat is made under careful 24/7 supervision in factories of our own design. We purchase gemstones in extremely high quantities, and as a result, we can provide your mat at a fraction of its real value. We take your concerns very seriously, and as such we will not offer you anything that doesn’t exceed our level of standards and testing.


    Please refer to HealthyLines warranty policies

    HealthyLine Warranty


    Controller Instructions 

    Controller For Beginners: How To Use

    Advanced Controller: How To Use


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